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Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments Collection

Twelve Days of Christmas Ornaments Collection

The Twelve Days of Christmas song inspired Tish Bachleda to create the complete 12-days collection of ornaments — to be designed and offered over the next few holiday seasons. The designs shown here are the pieces designed and available to order now.

See listing for exact sizes of each piece.
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1 - Partridge in a Pear Tree (5in w x 8in h) $40.00
2 - Turtle Dove (7.7in w x 5in h) $30.00
3 - French Hen (5in w x 5.5in h) $30.00
4 - Calling Bird (7.7in w x 4in h) $30.00
5 - Golden Ring (5in diameter) $30.00
NEW! 6 - Goose Laying (7in w x 5.5in h) $30.00
NEW! 7 - Swan Swimming (6in w x 5.5in h) $30.00
NEW! 8 - Milk Maid (6in w x 3.5in h) $35.00
~ Watch here for future additions ~ $
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