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Timeless Fruit and Vegetable Collection

Timeless Fruit and Vegetable Collection

The Timeless Fruit and Vegetable Collection™ includes a wide variety of fresh choices — each piece is full and round just like the real ones. Some are intentionally larger than life. Some are a little smaller. Each is designed, hand-stitched, and artfully finished by Tish Bachleda.

With so many choices, it’s easy to fill your presentation bowl or basket to be admired and enjoyed year round. If you prefer, we’ll help you compose the ideal mix of choices, take a photo of the finished composition so you can rebuild it easily to display at your home or office. We try to maintain a complete inventory of items, but if we are out of stock, it doesn’t take long to make more to fill your order. If there is a special fruit or vegetable that is not listed, please inquire. We can design and make new ones!

Some clients have preferred to build a Timeless collection over a few years time. Adding a few pieces each time they visit or place a seasonal order. Several choices can be formed into a beautiful indoor wall wreath, too. Inquire for more details and a price quote.

Tap photos to view larger images with size details. (Note: Not all items on the list are included in photo gallery, but they are available to order. Priced per piece.)

Apple $20.00
Artichoke $75.00
Asparagus $20.00
Banana $20.00
Bean $12.00
Beet - Gold $24.00
Beet - Red $24.00
Blueberry - Jumbo $18.00
Cabbage - Small $75.00
Cabbage - Large $95.00
Carrot - Small $12.00
Carrot - Large $15.00
Cherries - Small $18.00 / pair
Cherries - Large $24.00 / pair
Corn $30.00
Crabapple $18.00
Cucumber $20.00
Eggplant - Small $55.00
Eggplant - Large $75.00
Fig $24.00
Garlic $24.00
Grape Bunch $75.00
Green Bean $14.00
Leek $20.00
Lemon $18.00
Lime $18.00
Mushroom $18.00
Onion $24.00
Orange - Cloved $32.00
Orange - Regular $18.00
Parsnip $20.00
Peach $22.00
Pea Pod $35.00
Pear - Miniature $25.00
Pear - Regular $20.00
Pear - Giant $75.00
Pepper $24.00
Persimmon $24.00
Pineapple $95.00
Plum $18.00
Pomegranate $20.00
Potato - Sweet $18.00
Potato - White $18.00
Curl Stem Pumpkin - Small $35.00
Curl Stem Pumpkin - Medium $40.00
Curl Stem Pumpkin - Oblong Large $45.00
Radish $24.00
Squash $65.00
Strawberry - Beaded $25.00
Tomato $20.00
Turnip $24.00
Watermelon $65.00
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