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Our rusted steel Witch design is more than a typical life-size metal silhouette. The face is posed away from the body with features made from found metal items – rusty nut eyes, wrench eyebrows, lug nut nose, saw blade mouth. Each witch face is unique, and has a thinner-gauge oversized metal hat welded on top. Her hat and three large buttons are hand-painted black.

One arm reaches forward with its hand curled in to hold an accent piece — a trick-or-treat basket or Pumpkan™ Jack-o-Lanterns (not included).  Most of our in-stock Pumpkans are priced at $45 to $55 each. The other arm is bent slightly forward and has a large hole in the hand designed to hold a stake or broom (not included, but Witch’s Black Broom is available for purchase). See photos.

Witch is made of 14-gauge steel that is plasma-cut by Mike Bachleda. The design includes two rebar ground stakes that slip through sturdy nut fasteners welded to the back for easy installation.

Approx. 76 inches tall x 22 inches wide.
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Please note: This large item is not shipping friendly — local pick up only. Also, the cost of raw materials directly influences our pricing. Price adjustment may be required based on the timing of your order and current market conditions.

Rusted Steel Witch $375.00
Witch's Black Broom (broom only) $40.00
Discounted Broom (purchased together) $30.00
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