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Gas Can Jack-o-Lantern

Gas Can Jack-o-Lantern

These rustic antique cans were once used for storage of gas, kerosene, oil, water, milk, and more. Now, instead of rusting away and forgotten in a shed, any of these vintage choices will enjoy a charming new life on your doorstep every Halloween or Christmas season. Each Jack-o-Lantern, cat or snowman face was plasma-cut by Tish and Mike Bachleda. No two are alike and the choices vary constantly. If you are interested in purchasing one or more, contact us and we’ll share photos and sizes of the actual designs we have in stock.

For possible lighting needs, we cut a round access hole into the bottom of each gas can. If a watering can or other unlidded design, we do create an opening to allow rainwater top escape. These are shippable.

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